My mind is always wandering all over the place. For instance, right now I’ve got five homeworks from which I have completed none. Right now that I should be working my ass off, I have pinterest open, I’ve walked all over the house, and now I’m here writing. I’m such a grown up. 

It’s so ironic that whilst procrastinting  my mind wanders off into the future, the future that I wish to have. Instead on thinking on how the hell I’d reach it, I focus on the many aspects that hopefully will become a reality. My  income, my dream apartment, my pets my ideal job, my ideal future self…and so on. It’s ironic how I think “yes, I want this the exact way I picture it” but I do NOTHING to accomplish it. Ok maybe not nothing, but none of my present actions seem to have that path. 

I should probably finish my homework first, then focus on something else.

Hah, as if.

Almost beggining

That typical phrase of “I will finally change this time” has been said so many times in so many different ways that it would be weird if someone had never said it.

I believe in the “baby steps” kind of progress. Because hey, no progress at all is worse.

Eitherway I do not believe this will be they year I finally pull myself together, but at least I’ll try to move forward without moving backwards. If I can, do some significant progress. Take the best and worse from last year and use it to my benefit.

It all starts with the cleaning of my always messy room. Clean room for a clean start. I can even say proudly that it is the first time I’ve had the room so damn nice. Little details are missing tho. Once done, I can properly begin.