Gorillaz & Self-doubt

Haven’t written here in a while, why do I feel like I always say that? (cause I probably do)

Small life update

Currently, in less than a week but now two weeks in, I’m full-time Gorillaz trash. I am so obsessed with the music and the characters it’s like when I go crazy for a series or something, same strong emotions.

As of my personal life, you know the one I ALWAYS try to ignore by getting obsessed with shit,  well it ain’t good but I feel like I’ve been worse? but not sure tho.

To give you a good perspective on this I can just describe you this very moment. As I write I listen to all of the songs from the Gorillaz I have saved in my Spotify’s playlist, at this exact moment, Rhinestone Eyes. Also, as I do this, I should be writing a small structured opinion on my economics forum, a subject that I’m currently failing just barely. If that doesn’t describe my update perfectly I don’t know what will.

As I often say here, fuck me I should really be working my ass off, but no. Here I am, listening now to the so beautifully sad Busted & Blue, while I keep wasting my time. What will it truly be of me? My future, my life. It’s always blurry, always uncertain, that being always my fault. It still amazes me how I can easily acknowledge my own self-destructive actions, but don’t really do shit about them. One of my many peculiarities I assume. Oh also on a random note, I’m listening to the Night Vale podcast, as if I didn’t question everything enough already. Who knows if I will even keep listening to it tho. Ok I’m going nowhere with this post at this point.

See ya.



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