lil update

I haven’t written in a while and it’s killing me. I could easily say, yeah, life has got me busy. It could be true if I had my priorities in order. All I’ve done is waste my time and get some awful grades. I’ve wasted time but none of it here. Other than getting randomly sick and moody there hasn’t been much I’ve done, but definitely  some life changing shit happened. Don’t wanna talk about it tho. This post isn’t going anywhere either way haha.

So…what’s gonna be? I don’t know (HOW WEIRD). I just know that I have to pull my shit together. I’m better than I’ve been in the past so that’s a thing. Prioritize my academic life, and stay organized personally is a must. With time well divided I can start doing shit I’ve put off for ages. Exercising to keep myself energised, read more, FINALLY learning to play the guitar, etc.

Let’s see what happens


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