Imperfect writing

So, somehow, I’ve come to think to write in here only in moments of FULL inspiration on whatever the thing is. Right now browsing through my eternal set of social networks (looking for ways to waste my time of course) I saw the wordpress icon and thought “let’s see”. As how I see my blog going I don’t really complain. I actually like what I’m doing with this. The only thing is that I wish I dedicated more time to it, to post more often. Soon maybe. One reason it hasn’t been a constant update is my sort of perfectionist thought that I should be really inspired to write. Fuck that. Worrying too much about everything doesn’t take me anywhere at all. Tho I’m starting to regret to dedicate this type of content to wordpress, thinking it should’ve been on medium instead. I’m NOT saying medium is better of course, just stating that my wordpress should’ve been put for a different type of use. Moving it doesn’t sound like much of an option too cause I dislike the fact the I won’t have the actual date of my first post in there but the date when copy/paste was done. Well whatever for now. Again should be working, not doing anything at all. This time at least the homework is relatively easy.


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