All because of little belongings

Man I feel like it´s official. I write whenever I really really REALLY should be doing something else. Here´s the thing, I don´t like many little things about myself like any normal person, but if there´s something hateful it´s that feeling I get when I remember about a random personal belonging (say a notebook, necklace, etc) and my mind not only goes to “where is it” but mostly “gotta find it RIGHT NOW”.  As if it was REALLY necessary for me to find it in that exact moment, but either way the epic search is on. The most frustrating thing about this is how must time is wasted onto this. There´s surely better things I should be doing, but no, everything else doesn´t matter if it hasn´t been found. I´s so frustrating because of the stress it causes. There´s this chinese ink set that hasn´t been found yet (it´s been a month) and every time it pops in my mind all that causes is anxiety. Also, for instance, right now there are two important projects with an extremely close due date but I remembered about a little notebook of ideas that seemed to be nowhere in my eyesight. I got so angry because it seemed to be lost until like some minutes ago. I hate doing this. One positive thing? at least that shows determination and how persistent I can get.


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